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A security consultant is an individual who have specialized knowledge in some facet of the security industry. A consultant should serve only the interest of his or her client.

My name is Robert J.Harris and I am the Founder/CEO Harris Security Consultant Inc. I can go the long way and talk on how I started the company a long time ago. It has been around for some years and is set-up to help people with security matters. In my time in security, I see people looking for help on how to set-up security cameras and how to set-up the right retail security systems.so here is my company. We are here to help you design a surveillance systems for home and business. Company consults clients on their needs. like security surveillance and Loss Prevention.The company policy is the client is first.No job is too small for the company.



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@harrissecurity Jun 11, 22:15

Take a look at my new profile page. You can stop by & refer new clients anytime. https://t.co/yonYTcZGQf

@harrissecurity Jun 09, 23:45

Video shows police fatally shooting London Bridge attackers https://t.co/3TEDPrNQGA

@harrissecurity Jun 09, 02:37

When she walk out play is song. https://t.co/uSUbizypvM

@harrissecurity May 23, 20:05

The best 007 is no more RIP. https://t.co/rQHizdShDE

@harrissecurity May 18, 18:35

Several Injured as Car Hits Pedestrians in Times Square https://t.co/YSf4N3Avd7

@harrissecurity May 12, 14:02

I made it to Friday. It time to in joy the weekend.

@harrissecurity May 08, 17:38

Monday back to work.

@harrissecurity May 03, 22:37

Hi is make all Bounty Hunters look bad. https://t.co/YuGMhNpVMv

@harrissecurity May 03, 02:37

Tips on How to Stop Shoplifting: What You Can Learn from Shoplifting Statistics, Organized Retail Crime Facts,... https://t.co/CK0v1OXTom

@harrissecurity May 03, 02:04

Retail Safety and Security: CCTV Surveillance Systems, Retail Alarm Systems, and Security Training - LPM https://t.co/fs5slk65mc

@harrissecurity Apr 30, 21:28

Drunk Man Assaults Security Robot in Silicon Valley https://t.co/xvbinjyqWt via @SSIMagazine

@harrissecurity Apr 27, 02:54

NYPD Body Camera Program Gets Greenlight From Federal Judge https://t.co/ZEOaqxu0tz via @SSIMagazine

@harrissecurity Apr 16, 05:29

To all my family and friends https://t.co/ZMvtUmTxja

@harrissecurity Apr 10, 22:49

Hi good news the company blog hit 74,000 views I just went to take a min and said thank you to all the people at view the company blog.

@harrissecurity Apr 08, 15:20

Good Moning World it Saturday the Sun is out long time no see. — working

@harrissecurity Mar 16, 01:53

Body Cameras to Be Tested by Off-Duty Police Officers in Cleveland https://t.co/SWMYEWaDHz via @SSIMagazine

@harrissecurity Mar 01, 19:09

Smart Home Security Robot Moving robot for Security Monitoring and you can use cell phone app you can check the... https://t.co/gs6SGDxZ8R

@harrissecurity Feb 26, 17:27

Miami-Dade schools moving toward body cameras for police https://t.co/2QdG1Zk4HG

@harrissecurity Feb 16, 02:30

The company is all way looking for new Security Product to help my customs safe guard home and business. — feeling happy

@harrissecurity Feb 16, 02:14

Wireless IP Camera With 360 fisheye ip camera WIFI CCTV IP Camera With 1.3MP mini ip camera https://t.co/9nuoqaZBGY

@harrissecurity Jan 26, 01:46

Yes you can you can buy a Security Robot for the home and business. https://t.co/8tu6cxuHop

@harrissecurity Jan 19, 22:29

To the people it time to stop.Mr Trump will be the President for good are bad he will be the man on the front... https://t.co/Td4lk8GWK4

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